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VSU Fleet Vehicle Reservation Form

The USG has introduced a new Motor Vehicle Use Procedure. All USG employees who drive on institutional business regardless of frequency of driving and/or location of driving shall be subject to annual training. Information on this procedure is available at the following link: Motor Vehicle Use Procedure
Before completing this form, please make sure you are in compliance with the following 3 items:
  1. You have read and understand the Motor Vehicle Use Procedure document and the Vehicle Conditions.
  2. You have been issued a VSU Gas PIN number. Information on acquiring a VSU Gas PIN number can be found at the following link: Fuel Card Procedures. You can also contact Business Services at 229-333-5705.
  3. A valid driver's license

Basic Information:

Requestor First Name:
Requestor Last Name:
Requestor E-mail:
Requestor Phone:
Supervisor's Name:
Supervisor's Email:
Department Account #:
Primary Driver Name:
Secondary Driver Name:

Travel Details:

Has your travel already been approved or do you currently have standing authority to travel?

Travel Date(s):
Vehicle Pickup Time: Please allow 24 hours for processing and availability.
Travel Destination(s):

Reason for Travel:

Additional Requests/Comments:

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