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I. The Valdosta State University Purchasing Card is used to purchase goods and services valued up to $2,999 per item and $5,000 per transaction, including shipping and handling charges, insurance, etc. Purchases over the limits shall be processed in accordance with established purchasing procedures (requires a purchase request and purchase order). Circumventing the $5,000 by splitting a large order into two or more orders is not allowed and may lead to revocation of the purchasing card. The standard monthly credit limit is $10,000.

The card can be used for Mandatory Source and State Contract items within the state limits.

The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that the purchase decision meets the best interest of the State in accordance with State Purchasing Policies. State contracts can be accessed at the DOAS website at (click on state purchasing, state contracts).

1. What is the dollar limit for a single item?

2. What is the dollar limit for a single transaction?

3. Purchases over the single item spending limit or single transaction limit that are not on State Contract require a ______.

II. Although Tax Exempt is printed on each card, the cardholder must alert the vendor at the time of purchase of the tax-exempt status. If sales tax appears on the cardholder's bank statement, the cardholder is responsible for contacting the vendor to credit the card for the amount of the sales tax. Copies of the tax certificate of exemption are available in the Purchasing Department and on the Purchasing website.

The card can only be used for University-related business for which Institutional funds will be disbursed. No personal purchases or VSU Foundation purchases may be made through the use of this card. Purchases made with the card cannot be reimbursed with external funds in an attempt to allow the purchase of a restricted or personal item. The cardholder and cardholder's supervisor will be responsible for assuring that all University and State purchasing policies have been followed.

4. I must alert the vendor that my purchase is tax exempt.

5. If sales tax appears on the receipt, I must contact the ______ immediately to receive a credit.

6. What items cannot be purchased with my State Purchasing Card?

III. The purchasing card may be used for purchases from vendors that accept the VISA card and have a Merchant Category Code that has been approved for State use. Purchases can be made in person, by phone, fax, Internet or postal service. If a purchase is declined, the cardholder should contact the Program Administrator immediately with the name of the vendor, amount of the purchase and date of the decline. Bank of America keeps information regarding declined charges on their computer for only five days.

All deliveries must be sent directly to the cardholder's department. It is suggested that the departmental office be used as the delivery address and is extremely important that someone is always present in the office to sign for orders.

7. Purchases can be made from vendors that accept the ______ card.

8. If I have a declined purchase I should contact the ______ immediately.

9. Always use the department name as the delivery address.

IV. The card will be issued in the name of the University with the employee listed as the user. Purchases made with the card will initially be charged to the cardholder's default account number. The employee or someone designated may change the allocation to another authorized account or department chart field through Works Payment Manager. The employee and the employee's supervisor may be held responsible for any and all charges including unauthorized, personal, and inappropriate purchases made with the card. Please be aware that charges on the card and balances in the departmental budget do not get verified until the charges are allocated through Works Payment Manager and posted against the department budget.

Unauthorized or illegal purchases are to be immediately returned for credit. If the cardholder documents that the company will not issue a credit then the cardholder is responsible for getting the charges reimbursed in full. Reimbursements can be by personal or other non-VSU check made to Valdosta State University. Failure to reimburse the University could result in funds being deducted from the cardholder's paycheck. These types of unauthorized or illegal purchases may result in revocation of the purchasing card and/or employment.

10. What account number will my purchasing card charges initially be charged against?

11. I will not be held responsible if there are any personal or inappropriate charges on my State Purchasing Card.

12. Unauthorized or illegal purchases may result in the revocation of my purchasing card and/or employment.

V. The following types of purchases are allowed on the State Purchasing Card:
  • Subscriptions, Memberships, Registration Fees, Software & Licenses: Only for a period of one year for service that begins in the current fiscal year. Service beginning in the next fiscal year will be charged to the next fiscal year budget. The subscription form must show the beginning date of the subscription or renewal so it can be paid from the appropriate fiscal year. Subscriptions can only be renewed for one year. Please send the registration form as the receipt for conferences or seminars. It has essential information including the name of the seminar, the person who is attending, the travel dates, the location and the cost.
  • Team travel: (ONLY for employees traveling with an athletic team or a sponsored student activity group) (Employees must contact the Program Administrator to obtain approval BEFORE travel)
  • Student travel: (for students traveling with an athletic team or a sponsored student activity group)
  • Motor Vehicle Repairs: (Note: Gasoline or Fuel is NEVER allowed)
  • Miscellaneous Items: Supplies & materials, postage, shipping, uniform expense, repairs & maintenance, advertising, off campus printing
13. Memberships, subscriptions, software & licenses can only be for _____ year, even though there may be incentives or discounts to sign up for more.

14. What documentation will be used as the receipt for registration for a conference or seminar?

15. Employee travel charges are allowed on the purchasing card for every employee.

16. Employees that are traveling with an athletic team or sponsored student activity group are allowed to charge their hotel & meals to the purchasing card after receiving approval from the Program Administrator.

VI. DO NOT use the card to purchase the following:
  • Purchases from VSU Departments: Plant Operations, Food Services, Catering, Library, Printing Services, Central Stores, Campus Mail, VSU Foundation, etc. (The Bookstore, The Spectator & VSU Tech Shop can accept the card).
  • Per Diems: Services involving an employer/employee relationship. (Contact Financial Services).
  • Telecommunication lines: (Contact Auxiliary Services)
  • Travel Expenses for an employee: Includes gasoline, car rental, hotels, and food.
  • Seminar/Conference registrations ARE allowed. Also travel with an athletic team or pre-approved travel with a sponsored student activity group is allowed.
  • Non-Capitalized Equipment: Purchase of equipment in the amount of $3,000 or more per item requires a decal and will be added to the asset inventory.
  • Food and food related items: (Allowed for some departments upon approval).
  • Miscellaneous Items: Alcoholic beverages, explosives, items for personal use such as coffee pots, plaques for employees, seasonal decorations.

17. Which of the following departments will accept my purchasing card?

18. If I am attending a conference not related to team travel and am required to stay overnight, what charges are allowed on my purchasing card?

19. Under normal circumstances, food is not allowed on the Purchasing Card.

20. I have an employee that is retiring after being with the University for 25 years; can I buy her a plaque with my purchasing card?

VII. Cardholder Reconciliation: The statement period ends on the 15th of the month. Cardholders will receive a monthly bank statement and perform the following:
Compare the bank statement with your corresponding receipts. Verify all items as being received and provide signature of accountability on the cardholder signature line. Staple the receipts to the statement and forward it to your supervisor for review, approval and signature of accountability on the manager signature line.

Forward the signed original bank statement with the original receipts, itemized by description and price, and any disputed items to the Purchasing Department by the 5th of the month following the statement date. If a receipt is missing, attach a memo to the front of the statement explaining the status of the receipt.

The receipt for a registration, subscription or membership will be a copy of the registration form or the renewal form. In the case of mail or phone orders, the receipt may be an itemized packing slip, if it has the required information. If a receipt is not sent with your order, request one immediately; do not wait until the bank statement is received. If the original receipt is lost, contact the vendor for a copy of the receipt as soon as possible. If sales tax was added to the purchase, ask the vendor to remove the tax. Submit a credit receipt when the transaction appears on the bank statement. A pattern of missing receipts may result in revocation of the purchasing card. If an approved statement with receipts is not received from the department by the 5th of the month following card purchases, the Program Administrator will suspend the card until the monthly reconcilement is received.

21. What signature(s) are required on my bank statement?

22. All charges require a dated receipt itemized by ______.

23. My purchasing card may be temporarily suspended if my receipts and statements are not received by the _____ of the month following the card purchases.

VIII. If a card is lost or stolen, the cardholder has the responsibility to notify the Program Administrator immediately at 333-2161 or 333-5705. If the card is lost or stolen outside of business hours, the cardholder should call Bank of America's 24-hour service line at 1-888-449-2273 to cancel the card. Do not request a new card; notify the Program Administrator the next business day. Keep this phone number and the purchasing card number on file for reference. Purchasing card account numbers will not be given out over the telephone.

Should a cardholder terminate employment with the University, the employee and supervisor has the specific obligation to reclaim the purchasing card and return it to the Program Administrator prior to the employee's termination date. The supervisor will be held responsible for any such charges if the card has not been returned.

The cardholder is responsible for resolving disputes with the vendor over pricing, shortages, damaged merchandise, etc. If a fraudulent charge appears on your bank statement contact the vendor immediately to request a credit. If you are unable to contact the vendor or the vendor is being uncooperative, contact the Program Administrator as soon as possible to file a dispute. Notify the Program Administrator if you wish to file a dispute with Bank of America concerning a fraudulent charge on the bank statement or an unresolved dispute with the vendor concerning a credit for items that were found defective or faulty. The dispute must be filed no later than 60 days after the appearance of the item on the bank statement.

24. It's Saturday night and I realize my purchasing card is lost, what do I do?

25. If I end my employment with Valdosta State University I can keep my purchasing card.

26. I am responsible for resolving the following issues with the vendor:

27. What is the first step I should take if I see a fraudulent charge on my bank statement?