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FLEX Account Refund Request Form

I acknowledge the following FLEX Account policies:.
  • There are NO CASH REFUNDS.
  • FLEX Account refunds are not immediate.
  • ALL REFUNDS, must go through the 1Card web page/Refund Request Form.
  • The minimum amount that can be refunded is $25.00.
  • FLEX deposits made with a credit card must be credited back to the card, upon completeion of the 1Card Refund Request Form.
  • All other types of FLEX deposits will be credited to my Banner Student Account.
  • The FLEX Account refund process begins 11 business days after the first day of class, each semester.
  • I am allowed one (1) refund per semester, 1st refund request received is the only one processed.
  • Refund checks/credits are processed and distributed by Student Financial Services.
  • FLEX Account refunds are available to VSU Students and employees, only.
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Refunds must be requested by the account holder.